MS Atløy, 89 years old boat in Norway.

Here is a old boat that is in Norway.,

this is Atlöy. 

It was delivered in 31.oktober 1931, and that means that this boat is 89 years old

It is 26,1 meters long and 5,4 meters wide..

this ship was mainly used in cargo and passenger transport most of its lifetime

first could carry 103 passengers

but in 1963 a new engine Wichmann 240 BHP was but in the boat and then the boat could sail up to 10,5 knots,

the old engine was 2syl 2tex Bolinder 120 BHP and with that engine the boat could sail up to 9,5 knots

In 1974 the boat got a  new name Latöy,  then the ship was used to transporting workers for the building of the concrete

foundation for an oil rig in Andalsnes, and then the boat was certified for 180 passengers.

After that the boat laid up in Hareid for 4 years and ended up in a bad state of repair.

Was sold 1984 and then got the name Atlöy again and then it was started to reconstruction and that was still going on in the year 2000.

Now the boat is in Florö and the boat is mainly a museum and people can hie Atlöy for Fishing trips, company trips and other things

it can carry 60 people.

Atlöy pic Guðmundur Karl ólafsson